Narrator- 4.4 billion years ago something amazing happened,A meteor had hit Earth‘s second moon and a mushroom of life simply created a planet objects would live on.

Grassy- (on the phone) Yes the prize will be money Oh yes!

Grassy- (on the phone) OK I’ll talk to you later bye.

Blossom- (breathes out) It’s such a beautiful day at the beach isn’t it?

Shell- Well easy for you to say!

Grassy appears

Grassy- I am ......................... GRASSY!

Grassy- I’m hosting an object show.

Grassy- You will be battling for my adventures on DVD and Blu Ray.

Grassy- To become a team captain you must stay on this bar GO!

Freezy the ice box pushes people off to win

Stone- Hiyah!

35 minutes later

Freezy,Stone,Ghosty,And Cherry will be picking the teams next episode.

Hoped you enjoyed the episode!