Grassy- Last Time Freezy,Stone,Ghosty,and Cherry won the challenge so they get to pick the teams!Stone picks first.

Stone- I pick Chord,Wipes,Disco Ball,and Locky

Ghosty- I pick Pattern Block,Icy Cream,Mushroom,and Pumper

Freezy- Hmmm Dart,Clippers,Crowny,and Postage Stamp

Cherry- Then I get Stick,Shell,Blossom,Barbell

Grassy- The next challenge is like BFDI 6 but there is 5 islands.

Grassy- GO!

Stone- Push the block onto your team button.Oh OK!

Chord- This is heavy!

Wipes- I know!

Stone- May I help?

Chord and Wipes- NO!

Chord- We got this ourselves!

Freezy- Yes!

Stone- We gotta hurry!

Cherry- Pass the test!

Stick- Yes!

Barbell- Yeah!

Blossom- Right On!

Shell- Good!

Cherry- Good now everybody run!

Ghosty- Yeah!Now on to the 4th island!

Stone- Hurry!


Stone- Run!

Ghosty- Yes!

Grassy- Team B is safe!

Cherry- Come On let‘s go!

Grassy- Team D is safe!

Stone- Uhhhhh!

Freezy- Come On Come On Come On!

Grassy- Team A is safe!

Grassy- Sorry we don’t have voting icons but you know what to do!

[A] To Vote Stone [C] To Vote Wipes

[B] To Vote Chord [D] To Vote Disco Ball

[E] To Vote Lock

Stone- Are you serious no voting icons!

Grassy- Sorry that’s how it is.

Grassy- Voting Ends At 4:00 am.