Wipes- Remember how we lost?

Stone- Yeah!Because of you guys!

Chord- We didn’t do anything ya know?

Grassy- It is time for Cake At Stake!

(cake at stake song plays)

Grassy- Welcome Team A!If you’re you get a Reese’s peanut butter cup and if you don’t get one you are eliminated.We got 0 votes,Why did ya let Grassy down?Now we’ll have a contestants vote.

Grassy- Team B won the last challenge so they will be voting you.

Ghosty- I vote Chord!

Chord- Wa WHY?!

Ghosty- Cuz you are mean.

Chord- HOW AM I?

Pumper- I vote Stone cuz she’s rude.

Mushroom- I vote Lock.

Pattern Block- I vote Stone.

Icy Cream- Stone.

Grassy- Stone with 3 votes you’re out.

Wipes- Where did she go?

Grassy- To a prison in Cyprus!The next challenge is to solve this fish riddle.

Blossom- Someone stole a fish how mean!Ew a Russian is in this riddle!

Freezy- This is hard!

Cherry- Just use the clues.

Ghosty- I know the German stole it I can tell!

Chord- We’re done!

(teams C,D,and B turn in they‘re riddles)

Grassy- Here is the results!

1st Team A 2nd Team B 3rd Team D 4th Team C

[A] To Vote Dart [C] To Vote Postage Stamp

[B] To Vote Crowny [D] To Vote Freezy

[E] To Vote Stapy Ripoff

Clippers- Why does it say Stapy Ripoff!

Dart- HA HA that’s what you get!

Grassy- Please Vote I’m begging you!

Dart- Ha ha this will show him!