Narrator- Hello and sorry for the 2 week delay.I was just on vacation so finally it’s here!

Grassy- So Team C welcome to the elimination area.We got 0 votes again,how sad!Team B won again so they’ll be voting one of you guys out!

Mushroom- I vote Dart!

Dart- What!Why would you vote me?

Ghosty- I vote for Dart too!

Dart- What!Why are you guys doing this!

Pumper- We all vote Dart!

Grassy- Dart!It’s time to go!(flings Dart)


Grassy- Your next challenge is to survive in the Nether.

Stick- Ah!Me and Barbell are melting,

Grassy- Barbell and Stick are dead.

Blossom- Watch out there’s lava!(falls in lava)

Shell- Blossom!(falls in lava)

Blossom- NOOOO!

Cherry- I wonder what the lava tastes like!(jumps in lava)

Grassy- Team D loses.

[A] To Vote Cherry [B] To Vote Shell

[C] To Vote Blossom [D] To Vote Stick

[E] To Vote Barbell

Grassy- If you vote I’ll be very happy so pls vote now!