This page describes the interactions between Fan of Grassy and other users on Wikias she contributes to. 
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Cutiesunflower Edit

Fan of Grassy has interacted with Cutiesunflower many times in the BFDI Wiki. She makes requests on stuff Cutie needs to do and she mostly follows what she does. Every time Cutiesunflower is in chat, Fan of Grassy gives her hearts because she likes her.

Status: Best Friends

BSB Edit

Fan of Grassy has interacted with BSB. He makes too many sockpuppets and FoG hates his sockpuppets.

Status: Enemies

Putinury Edit

Fan of Grassy hates him because he is mean to her. Fan of Grassy also hates Communism and 9/11. FoG prefers peace and flowers over those things.

Status: Enemies


Fan of Grassy has interacted with TheTwistedMangle. While TheTwistedMangle is kind towards Fan of Grassy, she can also be blunt towards her. They were working on a collab together, which made them interact more.

(This section is probably a WIP)

Status: Friends

Derpyunikitty Edit

Fan of Grassy has barely interacted with Derpyunikitty. Since her block in February, Fan of Grassy feels bad for her.

Hiccory Edit

Fan of Grassy is friends with Hiccory. When Hiccory nearly got blocked in May, Fan of Grassy was a little mad at him, but they're on good terms now.

Status: Friends

DeathPreventer114/AndBenIsDead Edit


Happierclickers(Rebirthed) Edit

Status: Friends