Welcome to the Fan of Grassy Wiki

Fan of Grassy is a loving user on the BFDI Wiki. She loves to make stories and has an entire blog post out of them! Many of her actions include hugs, heart giving and coming up with book titles. Not only characters from BFDI appear in stories, but OCs also appear. She is super friendly. Please read the rules before you get to editing articles. Here is the link for Grassy Fans on Discord.

About the Fan of Grassy Wiki

The Fan of Grassy wikia is about stories and other stuff, but mainly stories! You can submit a story here, but not in a blog post. Make sure to use dias while making a story. The stories here are considered humorous by members of this wiki, including Fan of Grassy herself. If you have any questions, go to Fan of Grassy's message wall.

Latest activity

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