Grassy Super Squad is a comic series by Fan of Grassy + IsaacOfficial.


Grassy with super speed, Remote with super strength, Gaty with size changing, Book with laser vision, Bubble with the ability to fly and Rocky with the ability to barf really quick Woody with the scare ray, Needle with super slapping, Coiny with telepathy, Firey with the ability to shoot fireballs from his hands, Lightning with the ability to zap villains, Ice Cube wih the ability to freeze villains, Teardrop with the ability to control water, Tennis Ball with a super magnet, Gelatin with invisibility and Clock with the ability to control time. Together, they are... THE GRASSY SUPER SQUAD!

Issues (The episodes, not the problems) Edit

Episode 1/ An Alien Invasion. (Written by IssacOffical)

Episode 2/Coming Soon

Staff Edit

  • Fan of Grassy-Episodes Creator and Finder
  • IssacOffical- Episode Creator

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Continues Later. clock

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Continues Later

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