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What is Grassy's favourite instrument?

The Grassoon!

What is Four's favorite holiday?


Where did Pencil go on vacation?


What is Rocky's favorite Queen song?

We Will Rock You.

What did Eraser and Bracelety name their rock group?

The Rubber Band.

What did TV say when Remote broke?

"Help, I'm outta control!"

Why did Bomby cross the road?

He didn't, he exploded.

Why did Balloony go near Needle?

He wanted to be a POP star!

What do you call it when Tree clones are around you?

Tree's a crowd!

What was Black Hole's favourite song?


Why was the Speaker Box Heavy?

He weighs An ounce er.

What was Pie's favourite number?


Why did Pencil murder Flower?

To make a cake.

Why is Firey JR better than Firey?

Because he was Just Right.

What was Dora's friend's name?


What did Bell gave to her Groom?

A ring.

What happens when Ringy goes down on a roller coaster?

Brace yourselves!

Why can't you talk to Taco?

She doesn't want to Taco'bout it.

II Edit

Why was Dough happy?

Because everyone kneaded (needed) him.

What's the best insult for MePhone?

Your a phoney.

Why are the Cherries always happy?

Because they're cheery!

What did Toilet got for Christmas?

A Toylet.

What happens when Cheesy does better jokes?

He gets Cheese Greater.

What did Baseball say when Suitcase wore a dress?

It suits you.

Why is Baseball boring?

Because his a basic ball.