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One hot day in Tucson, Arizona, Sheriff Taco was escourted by Mexican Guards to the Queen of Mexico. She was accused of stealing the Queen's Red Diamond that went on the top of the Queen's crown. She claimed she had not stolen it, but the guards told her if she doesn't find the red diamond in 12 hours she will get the death penalty; a feast... with HER BODY AS THE MAIN DISH! So she went to go find the red diamond.

While patrolling the desert lands she found a kid named Firey Jr. with the red diamond. She said, "Hey! I need that diamond!". But Firey Jr. ran away. Taco was chasing him all around the wild west until, Firey Jr. got stuck in a cavern. He couldn't get out and Sheriff Taco couldn't get in. Taco decided to tell the young man a story of her own. "Y'know one time I got stuck in a hard place." Taco said. "I was trapped in a jawbreaker, and the only way I could be freed is if I freed myself. So I broke out of the jawbreaker using a fish skeleton." Taco finished. Firey Jr. had heard her tale and smashed the boulder keeping the cavern shut with some jagged crystals. He was freed, but a bit scared. Sheriff Taco felt bad, so she let him deliver the red diamond to the Queen of Mexico. When they got to the castle, Firey Jr. gave the red diamond back, and as a reward, Sheriff Taco gave the kid a badge and wandered off into the sunset.